Dear Sirs,

We hereby offer you a wide range of services of the following range of services such as:

  • Complex and professional services within earthwork, recultivation work and roadwork;
  • Ground macrolevelling for tourism, forest or sport activities;
  • Construction area reclamation, water basin reclamation;
  • Demolition work using traditional methods or explosives, completely safe and environmentally friendly;
  • High quality construction equipment hire – together with operators staff.

Among the variety  of work, our complex road work is highly distinguished, which is executed and conducted by our expert staff.  In our work history, among others, we have performed construction of the following projects; Nowa Ruda ring road, work on the section of the highway A4 Wieliczka – Szarów, A2 section C, highway A1 (Sośnica, Maciejów), A1 Sójki Kowal, A8 (near Wrocławia), A4 Jarosław Radymno and other multiple projects.

Scope of work covers excavation of the trench of the highway, soil exchange,  embankment execution, stabilization of the soil, execution of the construction layers of the pavement, including a frost-proof layer, reinforcement of the foundation by geogrid and much more. During the conduct of these and other specialistic road work, we have gained adequate experience for large road work investments.

We are also experienced in leveling, macro-leveling and preparing golf courses. Our experience and technical possibilities of our equipment has allowed us to achieve a current contract for the execution of the earth work as large as approximately 900,000 m3  for KGHM Polska Miedź (Poland Copper).

Employees of our company by perfectly understanding the technical parameters and operating possibilities of their units, can offer well-thought-out solutions for the selection of the type and quantity to gain the optimal usage of the equipment for the realization of the given tasks.

During the performance of the ordered work, we pay special attention to the precision, high quality, promptness to maintain the highest professionalism of the project. The number of our customers successively increases, and among them we have brands, which are already well-known in Poland and the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and are interested in our offer – we are at your disposal. The main principle in our activities is to be flexible, thanks to which we are able to custom tailor the project to the customer’s specific needs.



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